About - LewisLens Photography

My name is Cassie Lewis and I am the owner/operator of LewisLens Photography.
 I am an artist, musician, writer, and advocate for early childhood and children’s rights. I am married to a musician, amazing DIYer and avid gardener. Together we live in Columbus, Ohio with our daughter, two cats, eight chickens and a garden.

 As a child, I began photographing with my father in rural Ohio. Years later, I went to college to pursue art and it was then that I realized that photography is my true medium of expression. I received my Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Photography in 2004.

I am truly grateful for the best gift I have been given in life, and that is my daughter. When I began the journey of pregnancy and motherhood, I realized I knew very little about children. I am a how-stuff-works person, so my library became filled with books on child development and my mind became filled with how to grow a brain in a healthy way. Like all parents, I wanted to take a million pictures of my child. Based on what I learned, I decided not to be intrusive: I never asked her to smile, I let her run around and I let her choose whether she wanted her picture taken or not. I enjoyed creating artistic portraits of her play, and photographing each new person she became as she grew. Then I began to try to apply this technique to other children and family portraits and in 2012, LewisLens Photography was also born.

 My daughter has helped me to learn that love is truly all you need.
She has helped me to realize that I should use my gifts to serve our family and to serve others.

 If photography is capturing light, it’s love that I want to shine a light on.

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